NFA Trust Features & Pricing

Titanium Gun Trust
Sale: $99.99
Silver Gun Trust
Sale: $149.99

Gun Trust Feature Comparison

Titanium Silver Gold
NFA Firearms Trust
Usable in all 50 States
Grantor / Trustor
Multiple Trustees
Naming Co-Trustees
Legal Use of NFA Firearms For Trustees
Specify Beneficiaries
Trust Amendments
Detailed Firearms Guidance
Plans for all Firearms
Optional Bank Form
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Unlimited Change Orders
Personally Reviewed
Perpetual Trust

Your NFA Trust Includes:

Our packages provide all of the necessary documentation, examples, and instructions to create and manage your NFA gun trust. Your documents are always accessible through your secure login to our website.

Summary of Documents

The summary of documents provides an overview of the gun trust's contents as well as the instructions needed to create and use the trust.

The NFA Firearms Trust

The firearms trust is the main document that creates the legal entity which possesses firearms.

Certification of Trust

This document acts as a short version of the trust and provides any third party with all the necessary details without revealing your personal information.

Bank Instruction Letter

If desired, this letter can help you create a new checking account for the gun trust. This account can be used for all fees and payments relating to the purchase of trust firearms.

Appointment of Co-Trustee

This form can be used to appoint a new co-Trustee, giving them immediate use of trust assets.

Resignation of Co-Trustee

As needed, this form can be used for the resignation of a co-Trustee.

Assignment Forms

Use these forms to add assets to your trust.

Schedule "B"

Use this form to amend trust beneficiaries.

Bill of Sale

This form can be used to transfer existing firearms into the gun trust.

Transfer Instructions

This document sets forth a simple set of instructions for transferring firearms into the gun trust.

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