How to Fill Out ATF Form 4 Using a Gun Trust

Updated for ATF 41F

Form 4 - Firearm Transfer

Form 4 is an application to transfer firearms from one person to another. Either of the "people" involved in the transfer may be individuals, corporations, trusts or any other legal entity able to own weapons. Most transfers require a form 4 to be filled out even when transferring a weapon owned by you to a trust created by you.

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ATF Form 4 Guide For NFA Trusts

  1. Type of Transfer - Most applicants will be required to obtain a $200 tax stamp unless transferring an AOW (any other weapon) which is only $5.
  2. Applicant Information - Applicants using our NFA trust will need to put the name and address of the trust as the "Transferee's Name and Address". Use the address of where you will store the item. The "Transferor's Name and Address" is the current registered owner of the weapon who is looking to sell, pledge, lease, loan or otherwise dispose of it, usually your FFL dealer.
  3. Description of Firearm - Firearms are approved on a case by case basis, so this section must describe the single firearm the applicant intends to transfer.
  4. FFL Information - If either the transferor or transferee has an FFL (Federal Firearms License) they will enter that information here.
  5. Signature of Applicant - Applicants using our gun trust are required write "as trustee" after their signature, since they are signing on behalf of the gun trust. For example, you would sign "Your Name, as trustee."
  6. BATFE Approval - The applicant must not fill this section out as it is for BATFE use only.
  7. CLEO Notification - The applicant is required to notify the CLEO of the area in which the trust resides. That CLEO's information should be put here.
  8. Transferee's Certification - Applicants using our gun trust must put the name of the trust under "Name of Transferee". In the section requiring the applicant to state why they intend to acquire the firearm, "any lawful purpose" is an acceptable answer unless the applicant's state requires a scientific or experimental purpose. Applicants using an NFA trust are required to write "as trustee" after their signature, since they are signing on behalf of the gun trust.
  9. Certification Signature - This signature binds the applicant under penalty of perjury to submit the notification to the CLEO.
  10. Responsible Persons - The applicant is required to list the number and name of all responsible persons.
  11. Method of Payment - The applicant should specify the way they intend to pay for the tax stamp.

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