How to Fill Out ATF Form 20 Using a Gun Trust

Updated for ATF 41F

Form 20 - Interstate Transportation

Form 20 is an application to transport firearms from one state to another. This form is used for a permanent change of address or for weapons which will be temporarily relocated to another state. Generally, moving from one state to another will not require any changes to the trust document. However, the weapons must be legal in their destination. Note that Maine does not allow trusts created in another state to purchase firearms.

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ATF Form 20 Guide For NFA Trusts

  1. Applicant Information - Applicants our NFA trust must put the name and address of the trust as the registered owner.
  2. Dates in Transit - This section refers to the dates the weapons will be away from their original location, not just the dates the weapons will be in transit, e.g., if the applicant is taking weapons on a trip for a week, the time listed will be the entire length of the trip, not just the dates the guns will be in transit with him.
  3. Description of Firearms - If more than three firearms are to be transported then additional forms are required to be completed.
  4. Reason for Transportation - All applicable information as to the nature, reason, and method of transportation are to be listed.
  5. Exportation Information - This section is only applicable if the applicant intends to transport the items outside of the USA.
  6. Signature of Applicant - Applicants using our gun trust are required write "as trustee" after their signature, since they are signing on behalf of the gun trust. For example, you would sign "Your Name, as trustee."
  7. BATFE Approval - The applicant must not fill this section out as it is for BATFE use only.

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